#35 Band Tip – Gear Maintenance “Keep Your Shit Tight”!

Do yourself a favor and maintain your equipment whether that means upgrading or swapping out old parts for quality parts.  There is nothing worse than putting in the time and energy to rock only to de-rock yourself in a blaze of shitty glory.  If you can't spend the dough to have someone maintain your gear then start to learn how to do it yourself.  Start putting some money aside for gear you need to replace or fix.  You can also gear up as a band.  It is a good idea to implement some form of monthly dues system where all members put in an equal share and then the money is used when needed either for new gear, new merchandise or tour expenses. A dues system is also a great way to figure out which member(s) aren't taking the band's career seriously & they can exit sooner rather than later.

Bands Mentioned: Midnight Mob & Misfit Saints

Sources Mentioned: Earthquaker DevicesIntexCablesReverbNation

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