#26 The Jackets – “Queen Of the Pill” Album Review | Switzerland

The Jackets | Switzerland


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Lone Rangers Rating: Squeeze (2.25/3) ; Carly (2.5/3)

Album: Queen of the Pill (2019)

Rock Notes: Queen of the Pill would be on speed dial if Quentin Tarantino fucked Austin Powers while in the middle of a laser beam shark circle jerk

Bands Mentioned: Matadors | Jefferson Airplane | Murder City Devils | Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Deep Purple | Karen O | The Dictators | Blondie | Ramones | The Stooges | Dead Boys | Susie Q | The Damned | The Cramps | MC5 | Muse | Razorbats | Chrome Division | Alkaline Trio | Everytime I Die | The Hives | Talking Heads

Naked Pics of Bea Arthur: This episode is a cluster fuck of random conversation from if you were a summer beach party serial killer to sharks getting the upper hand storming the beaches on horseback with swords


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