Ozzy Osbourne “Ordinary Man” Album Review 2020

Ten years have past since Ozzy's last album, Scream.  Then all of a sudden in February 2020 the prince of darkness screams "Lets go animal!" and the new album, Ordinary Man, in all its eleven track glory is bestowed upon the metal, classic rock and top forty crowd community.  In my opionion Ozzy is the John Lennon of the metal world and when he goes there will most likely be a serious come together remembering and celebrating his legacy.  When an artist is way past their prime and still attempting to put out the same intensity as they once did at twenty years old it puts a knot in my stomach.  How often does an artist pull it off with the same piss and vinegar?

When I saw the Ordinary Man singles pop up in my Spotify release radar playlist I couldn't bring myself to listen because I didn't want to hear a tired old man still taking shots with absolutely nothing to prove.  Ozzy was my gateway into metal and the first concert I ever went to when he was doing the Retirement Sucks tour. I have very fond memories riding my bike to Tower Records excited to buy an Ozzy cd to add to all the other Ozzy cd's.

Then while sitting in a parking lot looking for hours to kill I said, "fuck it lets go".  At that time "Under the Graveyard" was on my Release Radar playlist.  I was blown away and must have listened to the track like ten times before thinking what else Ozzy has released and that's when I heard "Straight to Hell" and "Ordinary Man (feat. Eleton John)".  It became quite clear Ozzy sold his soul and we are all experiencing an individual truly fulfilling their purpose in life.

Ordinary Man is such a solid album that you can set to repeat and be pummeled with energy, depth & clarity.  What I like the most is it has it's own unique vibe and style, which includes infusing Post Malone and Elton John for a vintage modern orgy.  You can hear very modern instrumentation but at the sametime tasteful homeage to Ozzy's career from Sabbath to current.  It's almost like a really ambient Sabbath or when Type O Negative shows their Sabbath roots. My overall feeling is conflicted though.  This album plays like Ozzy's true farewell, the shows over, lets all hold hands and take a bow.  If Ozzy ended on this note I think it would be the perfect punctuation to a legendary career.  Ordinary Man reignited my excitement for the post Ozzmosis career and as much a I want Ozzy to end on this note I am more curious than ever what Ozzy has left in him.

Ordinary Man

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