Lemmy is Blog! Palaye Royale “The Bastards” Album Review 2020

Lets dig into the new album, The Bastards, from Palaye Royale released on Sumerian Records May 2020.  I was turned on to Palaye Royale by Carly (aka Aunt Carl).  Carly heard them on her Spotify "Discover Weekly" playlist.  The song "Hang on to Yourself" reminded her of the Midnight Mob song "Swing On".  Here's the quick background.  Palaye Royale is three brothers hailing from Las Vegas with somekind of Canadian roots.  The brothers handle guitars, vocals, drums and use touring bass players, of which the former bass player was accused of macking it to minors.

Just looking at this band you'll either be intrigued or totally put off, which I applaud the ballsiness.  Palaye Royale states their sound is mostly derived from 70's glam and 60's garage.  Other than the look it's a cool thing to say.  The sound is more like if the Exies, My Chemical Romance, Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) & Marilyn Manson took advantage of Disney after hours magic pass and stayed in the Animal Kingdom resort.  Of course after hours with suspect intentions.

The Bastards is 15 tracks of raucous night time Disney instensity.  Put yourself in Disney after hours having the time of your life no limits just you, best buds, dressed in leather with all the alcohol and snacks at your disposal.  Take it further.  Drive your beat to shit van through the turnstyles do your best Fear & Loathing parking job and let loose, leash optional.

What I really like throughout this album is the heavy grooviness you can find in every track sometimes paying homeage to Black Sabbath like on the track "Nightmares".  The Bastards is also laced with all the modern sounds, drenched in reverb with an intense pop focus, which is very clear in the track "Tonight is the Night I Die".  You can easily hear this track being collaborated with artists such as Highly Suspect and Fall Out Boy.  The track "Hang on to Yourself" then showcases the band taking cues from The Heavy with a dancy pop horn section mixed with some good distorted Primal Scream garage rock guitar.  The song "Masochist", is a moody play on the track "Devils" by the 69 Eyes or something Type O Negative would do minus the chorus pedal.  There's something for everyone on The Bastards.

The Bastards is nicely rounded out with some killer mellow tracks like "Lonely" and "Stay".  The super dramatic piano track, "Redeemer", track is definitely a miss.  It's like that Ozzy ballad that's one ballad too much.  Overall The Bastards is solid, but could have had a sexier mugshot if the tracklisting was edited down to nine tracks.  Skip tracks on The Bastards for me are: "Tonight is the Night I Die", "Nervous Breakdown", "Nightmares", "Black Sheep", "Redeemer" and bonus track "Lord of the Flies".

Palaye Royale is constantly evolving and growing when compared to the previous albums.  Extremely curious what the follow up will sound like.

The Bastards

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