Lemmy is Blog! Massive Wagons “House of Noise” Album Review 2020

Mid July 2020 England's Massive Wagons put out their much anticipated album, House of Noise.  This album is a follow up to their next level album Full Nelson where they were opening for bands like the Wildhearts.   I instantly became a Massive Wagons fan when I heard the Full Nelson album earlier this summer and was excited that they were putting out some new material.

House of Noise is definitely different from the Full Nelson album and I would suggest to give Full Nelson a play through first.  I wouldn't say House of Noise is a progression of better music but rather a lateral move to more of the pop side of Massive Wagons.  House of Noise seems like the product of a label/producer overcooking the material searching for hook madness.  House of Noise doesn't have that songwriting chemistry thing Full Nelson has where it seems organic and the whole album is a killer collection of music.  Kind of like those drunk nights where every little drunk side quest turns out to be awesome and you sloppily get home then talk to your buddy the next day and go over how awesome everything was.  House of Noise tries to manufacture that organic adventure with twelve tracks where five of them you throw on repeat and the rest are more similar sounding b-side filler tracks just not as good.  The other eight tracks are still fun to listen to and even better when hammered but if you're paying attention you find yourself skipping through most of the tracks.  It kind of reminds me of how I feel about Turbonegro's Rock N Roll Machine or Dank Jones's last studio record, A Rock Supreme.

Overall I love this band even though I'm not super thrilled about House of Noise. I still listen to those five tracks on repeat and let everyone willing to listen about Massive Wagons.  Massive Wagons is like Mustasch lite or the Wildhearts little bro still growing and waiting to blossom into a dangerous little kid with only bad ideas that make girls feel funny like climbing a rope in gym class.  Cheers mates!

House of Noise

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