Lemmy is Blog! – Body Count “Carnivore” 2020 Review

"Lemmy is Blog!" has finally revealed its furry fucked up head and Body Count is set to seek & destroy with "Carnivore".  "Carnivore" was chosen first to review since BC covers Ace of Spades on this record but also the album dropped right when Covid-19 started to lockdown New York. (Update: today is July 4th and mask wearing is still hardcore and definitely do not see a near end, hats off to those that wear masks their entire work shift pre covid, this sucks!)

New York City March 6, 2020 was a cool but sunny day.  That day I happened to be commuting downtown armed with Purel because it felt like something I was supposed to do and that it made people more comfortable around me.  NYC felt quiet and weirdly relaxed for weekday morning rush hour.  This was some 28 Days later ambience or at least the closest I would ever experience.  This trip downtown was a punch in the face that I should take Covid seriously.   I called up my buddy, Lips, that works at NBC & he was telling me co-workers were being quarantined.  People started locking themselves in doors glued to a TV spewing random unverifiable data.  Once you drop words like "quarantine" you jump into some bio sci-fi thriller type territory.

On the way home, going through Spotify, I noticed Body Count dropped the ironically titled "Carnivore" and holy fuck this could not have come out at a more perfect time.  Carnivore is brutal, angry with a slick groove.  Let the quarantine madness begin.

1. Carnivore - Blast off motherfucker! The title track definitely sets the aggressive Slayer/Testament tone for the record, which seems to be its purpose.  Not a go to track but when it comes on I’m game.

2. Point the Finger - Gun shots, classic thrash metal & slick groove

3. Bum Rush - Sweet change up throwing the Prodigy Fire Starter vibe. Tons of energy.

4. Ace of Spades - Motorhead cover & thank you for doing this justice.  Killer cover.

5. Another Level -Moody giant equipped with a hangover and edginess you do not want to fuck with.  Slow tempoed track giving this album yet another level.

6. Colors 2020 - This is my favorite track.  Old school hip hop flow with groovy metal & whammy bar guitar solo.  What rap metal should be.

7. No Remorse - Slagathore city! This is the sourdtrack to waking up and knowing it's another shitty awful day.  I skip this one for Another Level.  Worst track on album.

8. When I'm Gone - It's No Remorse with an Evanescence twist.  Skip track for me.  Second least favorite of the whole album.

9. Thee Critical Beatdown - Thank you for putting the critical beatdown on tracks 7 & 8 with this awesomeness.  One of Carnivore's meatiest! Horns the fuck up along with vibes of the last album "Bloodlust" which is sick.  When this was released as a single I was sold.

10. The Hate is Real - Thrash & Mosh with some swagger!!!

11. In the Morning - This is an unreleased track and it sounds like an unreleased track.  If you were ever curious about Run DMC doing some metal this would be it.  It's not a go to but if it's on in the background I let it roll.

Growing up I was never a huge BC fan, but had a mucho respect for it.  The last album "Bloodlust" and "Carnivore" have made me a fan. Whether you are a fan or not I think everyone can agree BC genuinely comes from the soul with leather boot shitkickers tied high and tight aimed at your throat.


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