Lemmy is Blog! – Atomic Bitchwax “Scorpio” Album Review 2020

It has been three years since 2017's Force Field album and New Jersey's The Atomic Bitchwax came through again like a raging hard on that knows no bounds.  This band and I have a unique kinship because they were the last show I saw at CBGB's right before it closed its doors for good.  What made that night extra crescent fresh was that The Unband opened, which equated to Drink and Rock Hard!

The Atomic Bitchwax originated in 1993 basically as Monster Magnet's side piece, which continues to this day with various members playing in and out of both bands.  Fast forward to August 2020 and The Atomic Birchwax release the album Scorpio through Tee Pee Records.  When I heard the single "Scorpio" on my Spotify "Release Radar" playlist I was instantly lubed up to hear the full length.

The Atomic Bitchwax follows the Monster Magnet formula, wear your influences on your sleeve and leave some sticky DNA on it.  The Atomic Bitchwax pushes more of the driving rock metal with classic bombastic drumming, bass fuzz, but nixing any slow psychedelia.  Scorpio plays like a beat up 70's Camaro blasting a hybrid of Black Sabbath, T. Rex & Eagles of Death Metal running on empty through the dessert after stirring up shit at the Thunderdome.

What is tits about The Atomic Bitchwax is their ear for catchy fun vocal melodies overlapping sometimes chaotic jam sessions.  The mix of melody and instrumentation really showcases the band's songwriting skill and focus.  The Atomic Bitchwax is the only band where I look forward to the instrumentals on the album and Scorpio added three more: Ninja, Crash & Instant Death.  The instrumentals really give meaning to the term power trio and band love.  The only miss on this album is the track ironically titled "Super Sonic", which basically stalled immediately for me.

If you're interested in some bitchin swag head over to Lo-Fi-Merchandise.com.  I thought I would be able to find merch at Tee Pee Records but their site doesn't work, what a surprise record label.


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