How Can I Put Some Money in my Pocket #2

This post is the continuation from the previous, "How Can I Put Some Money in my Pocket #1" and continues with minimizing the hole in your pocket when spending money is necessary.  The last post suggested utilizing the Guitar Center Gear Card for a variety of benefits, what I didn't realize at this time that I was leaving a ton of dough on the table because I was not utilizing Ebates now called Rakuten in combination with the Gear Card.

I got on this train later in 2017 and holy shit this is a game changer for all sorts of life purchases.  Currently at the time writing this, April 2020, Guitar Center has 3% cashback through Rakuten.  Also just to give you an idea Musicans Friend is listed as 2.5% and Sennheiser is 6%.  There are other music companies listed on Rakuten but these I noticed.  This is massive because when you go to purchase that $1,000 piece of equipment using your Guitar Center card not only are you earning points towards certificates, taking advantage of special promo financing and coupons, but you are also getting 3% cashback on your purchase which in this case amounts to $30.  In addition, when you purchase through Rakuten, Rakuten will instantly apply any Guitar Center promo codes that are valid for your purchase so you won't miss on any discounts.  Make sure you add the extension to your browser.  Sign up completely free here and when you buy something you will get a free $10.  I use it mainly for Guitar Center & Groupon, but there are thousands of stores you can take advantage of.  I just used it recently for Kiwico, child toy company.

Rakuten is mainly used for online purchases, but you can also use it in-store as well, if the store participates.  In order to do this you need to add your credit card(s) to Rakuten, search for the store and make sure they do in-store cashback.  If they do then link the offer in Rakuten and make a purchase with the credit card you added to Rakuten.  That's it, no receipt uploads or anything.  If you are familiar with cashback then a light might have went off because you just realized you also get cashback from your credit card for example Capital One Quicksilver, Discover It or Bank of America Cash Rewards.  Yes, this is the super bonus.  Double dip the shit out of all your purchases whether in-store or online.  Your economics professor would tell you you're increasing your purchasing power.

For example, Sennheiser is selling some killer mic for $500.  If you buy through Rakuten then 6% ($30) will come back to you and if you use the Bank of America Cash Rewards with online purchases set to 3% then you get back an additional $15. Just like that $45 back in your pocket plus free shipping to your door.  Why stop there! Take all your cashback money and invest it in index funds through Vanguard, Fidelity or whereever you like.  Invest in your future with free money or use it first to payback some debts. Get in on this, fatten your pocket and then shame your friends!

Lets call it there, I'm pushing my luck.  The double dragon tots will be awake from their nap soon, hungry with a fuck load of energy.  Duty calls.


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