#32 Death by Unga Bunga | Norway – “Gas Station Slice, Time Machine Rock N Roll destination Nowhere”

Death by UB

Death by Unga Bunga | Norway

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Lone Rangers Rating: Squeeze (3/3) ; Carly (3/3)

Latest: Heavy Male Insecurity (2021)

Rock Notes: The Cars, Fucked Up Hall & Oats, Thin Lizzy have Revenge of the Nerds marathon movie night while sporting their best 77 Punk flare & Cheap Trick provides the party favors.  Jesus Christ this band is confusingly awesome! IRoc & Cassette Deck Rock N Roll.

My intention this year is to put a massive foot forward using this podcast, website and social media to make Vanzig Studios a go to network for music fans & musicians to learn, grow, express opinions and support one another. Peace, Love, Leather! - Squeeze

Bands Mentioned: Midnight MobMisfit SaintsThin LizzyCheap TrickThe CarsHall & Oats

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