#30 – Misfit Saints Interview w/ Carly Quinn | Long Island, NY

Misfit Saints | NY, USA

Spotify - Misfit Saints

Lone Rangers Rating: Squeeze (3/3) ; Carly (3/3) We might be slightly biased on this one...

Album: Misfit Saints (2020)

Rock Notes: Bear on a unicycle shows up at grandma's house, grandma says, "I'll bring the vodka!" Woooo!!!!!  This is the abridged edited version of the previous episode.  I had to disappear for a bit for personal reasons and I wanted to pick up where I left off.  There will be new Misfit Saints material this year.

My intention this year is to put a massive foot forward using this podcast, website and social media to make Vanzig Studios a go to network for music fans & musicians to learn, grow, express opinions and support one another. 

Peace, Love, Leather!

- Squeeze

NOTE: Misfit Saints shows are happening this year despite the corona virus tearing ass through planet Earth.  Stay tuned!

Bands Mentioned: Midnight Mob 

Naked Pics of Bea Arthur: Don't touch the kids! - Aunt Carl 

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