#28 | Sons of Thunder #1 – ReverbNation Bands Critque

Calling all Sons of Thunder!

Send us an email at Airheads@VanzigStudios.com with a link to your music & we'll do an episode on it.  Enter at your own risk...  We say stoopid shit.

Mickey Squeeze's Touring Tips written for ReverbNation (not responsible for silly graphics in article)

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Rock Notes: If you have iron clad balls or fallopes of steel then let us give you feedback.  It's that simple.  We'll give some constructive criticism and hopefully help you out in one way or another. But we also might totally waste your time, at a minimum we'll make you smile and/or pissed at us.  Regardless you're alive.  Peace, Love, Rock!

Bands Mentioned: Amie Jo Bishop (Render) | Opshional | Popia Modena | The Practice Squad | Racing the Sun | Kallon | Angel Hill | Temptress | The Cranberries | Brand New | Taking Back Sunday | Lynyrd Skynyrd | Allman Bros | Eagles | Blue Oyster Cult | Sugarcult | Oasis | The Smiths | The Clash | Sex Pistols | Turbonegro | The Cult | Social Distortion | Big Star | Iron Maiden | 69 Eyes | Halestorm | Black Honey | Vinyl Plane

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