#27 Fresh out the Kitchen (FOTK) #1

Fresh out the Kitchen #1 (FOTK1)

Spotify - Fresh Out The Kitchen

Lone Rangers Rating: Squeeze/Carly 

Helhorse "Overboard" (3/2.5), The Hives "Good Samaritan" (2/2), KXM "War of Words" (2.5/2.5), The Pale White "Unnatural" (2.5/3), Iggy Pop "Eat or be Eaten" (.5/.5), Black Honey "I Don't Ever Wanna Love" (2.5/2.5), Scissorfight "Blood, Dust and Rust" (2/2), Mean Jeans "Party Line" (2.5/2.5) 

Rock Notes: This playlist is an ever changing stopping ground for the latest singles we feel worth talking about

Bands Mentioned: Corrosion of Conformity | Kings X | Korn | Dokken | Lynch Mob | The Ragers | Fangclub | Queens of the Stoneage | The Stooges | Danko Jones | The Metric | Chivalry | Orange Goblin | Fu Manchu | Fireball Ministry | The Star Spangles | Mustasch | Foo Fighters | Jonas Brothers

Naked Pics of Bea Arthur: "I don't wanna brag I work for the CIA, I'm a codebreaker" - Aunt Carl


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