#1 | Welcome to Rock N Roll for Airheads

Welcome to the show! My name is Mickey Squeeze & my bandmate/partner in crime, Carly Quinn, is riding shotgun. We play in the rock n roll band Midnight Mob from NYC/Long Island & we ride in our iron steed, Glenn Vanzig. Midnight Mob is currently on hiatus due to our singer, Blackey’s, vocal health. In 2016 we put out the EP Honest Brutal Glorious which opened a lot of doors for us such as playing main stages at the legendary Sturgis & Summerfest. We went on an indefinite hiatus in 2017 which caused us to pull out of the Rocklahoma Festival. In this downtime we’ve reflected on all the bands we’ve shared the stage with as well as diving balls deep into new albums & discovering new bands using Spotify. When you’re driving hours between states this is the type of random conversations that would come up to pass the time. Feels like being back in Glenn Vanzig switching out cd’s, brushing our teeth in parking lots & sleeping in stranger’s houses.

We chose the movie Airheads to be our podcast theme, one of the most overlooked rock n roll movies. Airheads was an obvious choice since rock music is virtually not allowed to be mainstream & it also features the late great Lemmy. It almost seems like the only way to get your band heard on the radio these days is to take the radio station hostage.

Our goal for this podcast is to get the word out about great music mainly in the rock, punk & metal genre, but also to give some younger bands some food for thought. We learned a lot from other bands passing down their knowledge to us.

In This Episode: Carly & Squeeze talk about what to expect from this podcast, where the idea of this podcast came from & the structure of the podcast.

Bands Mentioned: Midnight Mob | Motorhead | Love/Hate | Primal Scream | Ice T (Bodycount) | Whitfield Crane (Ugly Kid Joe) | Henry Rollins

Naked Pictures of Bea Arthur: Carly talks about attending Henry Rollins speaking show

Spotify Links: Mickey Squeeze | Carly Quinn

Quote: “It’s like period birds” – Squeeze

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